CEO Message

Greetings to our visitors!

We at Hanaro Screengolf have been working on diverse solutions and contents provision based on virtual reality. 
In particular, Hanaro’s own lab has come up with the ’3-sided Screen Golf System’ for the first time in Korea,
developed by researches using Korea’s top VR technologise.
Existing screen golf providers suffer from a low level of reality due to a lack of screen & sensor technologise.
We Hanaro Screengolf, have super-precise sensor technology designed to analyze ball types, have successfully
maximized reality with visual technology using 3-sided screen golf.
Also, the 8-way moving plate embedded with an automatic tee-up system(also a first in Korea), patented by the
Hanaro Screengolf lab, provides exceptional reality, thereby creating the impression of playing on actual in clines.
We promise you that everyone at Hanaro Screengolf will do their utmost to provide top quality services and
products that meet your future needs.
We sincerely appreciate your visit to the Hanaro Screengolf website.

Thank you!