Camera Sensor System

High Speed Camera Sensor System

Optimal sensor system for the screen golf with accuracy, reliability and robustness.
Hanaro Screen Golf also provides the best durability and quality in the industry.
The high speed Camera Sensor never once resulted in hardware failure or malfunction during many years test.
This Camera sensor require virtually no A/S, as it is designed to strongly resist vibration, shock, and static electricity.

High Speed Camera Sensor System

  • High-speed Camera sensors based on the big data of hanaro screen golf is very accurate.

  • Accuracy in the screen golf is not made by only sensing in the sensor.

  • You will be very satisfied with the analysis of shot data by highly image processing technology of hanaro screen golf.

Installation is easy and finished ceiling neatly Installation is easy and finished ceiling neatly
Using high-performance zoom lens Using high-performance zoom lens
Analysis more than hundreds</br>of thousands of big data. Analysis more than hundreds
of thousands of big data.

① All products( H/W and S/W) are developed with our proprietary technology.
② This system is very stable because it is based on the long experience and high technology
③ Using the new latest parts compared, its performance is much better than the other products.
④ A/S rate was also very low and Quick replacement and repair when a malfunction occur.
⑤ low maintenance cost - many parts is semi-permanent and only few parts & supplies need to be replaced


Extraction the dozens of analyzed images at high speed frame.


Detection more than 81 points of the impact positions
and the (inside or outside) direction of the golf club.


Analysis the movements of the ball precisely.

Camera Sensor of the latest technology, Highly image processing technique, Analysis by Big data

① Measuring the movement of the ball and club accurately with the most advanced camera sensor technology.

② Smooth game play with the faster speeds of data processing.

③ Analysis of the data of the ball and club quickly and accurately with highly image processing technology.

④ Analysis of the data of the ball accurately based on the big data.

⑤ Analysis of the various actions of the ball(such as hook, slice, draw, fade, ..) accurately.

⑥The positioning of ball freely