Swing Dr.Ⅱ

8-Way Moving Plate (Swing Dr.Ⅱ-R) For the Screen Golf Simulator


Product Specifications

  • L : 1,610mm X D : 1,110mm X H : 135mm

  • AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 220W, 3A, 6uF

  • Product Weight : 280 Kg

  • Power Consumption : 250W

  • Built-in auto tee up

Product Features

  • Based on next-generation technologies!

  • Tilt in the 8 directions.

  • Motor driven mechanism

  • You can feel just like playing golf in real course.

  • Offers various slopes seen in real golf courses

  • Operates quietly and smoothly.

  • Automatically provides a ball at any slope.

  • Its height is 13.5cm, it can be installed in low ceiling areas (minimum 2.85m)

  • Available for both left- and right-handers.

  • Developed by hanaro screen golf unique technology.

  • Supplied to to more than 60% of Screen Golf manufacturers in Korea.

  • Movement is controlled by a computer program.(screen golf program)

  • It has launched first in the world in 2003, so it is very stabilised and the failure rate is minimized.

  • It is available to interlock with all screen golf system in the world.

  • Tilts up to the maximum angle 15 degree in all direction.

  • Operates quietly and smoothly without delay.

  • "Reset" is unnecessary when resetting tilted surfaces.

Front left inclination
Front inclination
Front right inclination
Right inclination
Rear right inclination
Rear inclination
Rear left inclination
Left inclination

Selected by 90% of screen golf companies in Korea!

Swing Dr.II from hanaro Screen Golf is a byword for the inclination motor plate used by indoor screen golf and driving ranges, and
hanaro Screen Golf is the leader and purveyor of the world’s first inclination motor plate. Swing Dr.II is the lowest among similar
products, generating almost no noise, rarely breaking down, and expressing topographic patterns quickly and accurately on the
screen. In addition, the world’s first plate designed for both hands is used by almost all Korean companies, as its superiority has
been amply demonstrated.

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