Swing Dr.Ⅰ

4-Way Moving Plate (Swing Dr.Ⅰ) For the Driving Range

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Product Features

  • Easy and convenient touch sensor-based interface.

  • Motor driven mechanism.

  • Swing Dr.Ⅰ can be installed with Auto Tee up(Option).

  • Easy to installation without additional attachments.

  • Tilts in four directions.

  • Tilts up to the maximum angle 30 degree in any direction.

  • Automatically dispenses ball at any slope(Option).

  • Operates quietly and smoothly with minimum of delay.

  • Developed by our company unique technology and supplied to more than 500 Driving Range places in Korea.

  • Can be installed in low ceiling areas (minimum 2.85m)

  • Combination of 4 different directions tilts creates experience you get on real golf course.

  • Available for both left- and right-handers exclusively in the world(Option)

  • For more information, visit www.golfy.co.kr

Product Specifications

  • L : 1,610mm X D : 1,110mm X H : 150mm

  • AC, 220V / 110V , 50/60Hz, 3A

  • Product Weight : 250 Kg

  • Power Consumption : 250W

Operation Method

  • 1

    . Place your club(or finger, foot) on the arrow.

  • 2

    . Detach the club from the arrow when the desired angle is reached.

  • 3

    . To decrease the slope, touch the arrow on the opposite direction arrow.

  • 4

    . To increase the slope, place the club on the same direction arrow.

  • 5

    . To change the slope in another direction, at first touch the reset button to reset the incline to the flat position,
    and change the slope in another direction.

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